The Moon is currently enjoying a monthly residence at Union Pool, Williamsburg’s premiere performance stage with built-in taco truck, bar, and fire pit. 

Every 3rd Tuesday. 8pm. $5 at the door. 

Union Pool
484 Union Ave, on the corner of Meeker
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3440
A block from the L or G trains at Lorimer/Metropolitan  

"The Moon is one of New York City’s finest comedy nights…a variety show that rarely fails to please. Hosted by polymath comedians Nat Towsen and Bob Walles, The Moon Show mixes many interests–music, videos, cartoons, or magic–into a compelling storyline supported by its regular cast, The Moonkids, as well as special guests.” -The Onion AV Club

"A zany, mutating story line interwoven with comedy, dance, storytelling, music, characters, tap dancing, clowning, burlesque…Sounds like this is worth it, no matter what the cost." - Gothamist

The Moon was recently written about in the Brooklyn Based ‘Kings of Comedy’ feature.

The Moon was commissioned to produce all 17 videos  for the 2011 ECNY Awards ceremony and had the honor of presenting the award for Best Comedic Video. The videos will be available here


Here’s what some of our favorite guests have said about us:

Reggie Watts"If you don’t go to The Moon you’re an asshole. These kids are the best in their field; plus they make great fuckin’ salads!"
- Reggie Watts 

Hannibal Buress“The Moon is an excellent show with a devoted awesome crowd full of comedy fans. It’s one of my favorite places to perform in NY.”
- Hannibal Buress

Jamie Kilstein“The Moon is everything that a comedy show should be and that a comedy club is not. They have original comedy run by people who love the art form.” - Jamie Kilstein

Myq Kaplan"The Moon is one of the best shows that exists. It is full of fun for even the most skeptical, jaded audience members who think they’ve seen it all. They’re wrong, because they haven’t seen The Moon. And if they had, then they wouldn’t be skeptical or jaded anymore. They’d be happy.” - Myq Kaplan

Dave Hill“Nat and Bob let me be free with my body.  Also, it is easily accessible by train.  I also like the wallpaper at Royal Oak…There is actually a variety of things on the show- not just stand-up.  And it’s always a delightful show.  Also, you can hear what’s going on on stage in the bathroom. What comes to mind? Bob Walles’ hair…3 words? Barely legal teens.” - Dave Hill

Adira Amram and The Experience“I love The Moon audience and cast, they are ready to go on the journey with you…The Moon feels like what I imagine and old-fashioned radio show to be like, all theactors and writers are so talented and make you feel so welcome to be part of the show…Summer Camp! It’s that much fun!…Ready, Willing and Able!” - Adira Amram

Kurt Braunohler

“The Moon, the comedy show, is funnier than the moon, the celestial body, which is pretty fucking funny.” 
- Kurt Braunohler

Shane Mauss“The Moon is a wonderful and creative show with great people behind it working hard to make every show unique and interesting.” - Shane Mauss

David CopeThe Moon is great because it has fostered a priceless loyal community for its audience. People are coming back to see show after show because unlike run of the mill comedy showcases The Moon has story arc and hence substance. The Moon does its own thing and comedians lucky enough to perform on the show get the one thing that makes us drool - attentive smart listeners in an intimate environment. Need I say more?” - David Cope